Baseball's Own Immortalized Take Me Out To The Ball Game

If you've ever been to a baseball game, you're sure to have joined in the chorus of "Take Me Out To The Ball Game". In fact if the song had not been played for some odd reason, you would have wondered what the heck had happened, having grown so accustomed to hearing it at every match you'd ever been to. We're talking about a song that's an institution here, agreed?

Being a song is one thing, but being a song that's immortalized all over the country and sung in every Major League Baseball stadium, has to put it in a class all of its own.

Across the Atlantic, In the English Soccer League they have a total of around ninety professional teams all competing against each other. At each teams ground or stadium as they are now called, each will have their very own 'Team Anthem' so to speak.

You may have heard of the famous old song from the mid sixty's by Gerry Marsden otherwise known as Gerry and The Pacemakers called "Ferry Across The Mersey". This song became a national hit and a particular favorite of the scousers (what people from Liverpool call themselves!). So much so, that Gerry being a scouser himself, like the Beatles, would sing the song at Anfield's soccer ground on the odd occasion before the game begun. It is still played and sung fervently by a passionate crowd before every single game, some fifty years on, but only at Anfield, the home of Liverpool FC.

Incredibly, all the other teams to have a song that has been sung or played for decades. Certainly no one song for all teams like with Baseballs own "Take Me out to the Ball Game!"

"Take Me out to the Ball Game" was written back in the early 1900's by a vaudeville entertainer called Jack Norworth. One of Jack's hobbies and interests being in the business of entertainment was letting his creative juices flow in the form of song writing. As a matter of fact Jack had already gotten a couple of hits under his belt with a couple of choice numbers in the form of "Honey Boy" along with "Meet Me in Apple Blossom Time". I'm not quite sure if that's the same old number that features the verse "I'll Be with You in Apple Blossom Time" which was a kind of a serenade, but it certainly seems feasible Jack may have been the creator of this very well known old number. How he could have written about a ball game never having been to one at the time, is one of life's wonders, that said the fact it still lives on to this day is too. Can't see it ever being dropped either, can you?