Pete Rose The Gambler

Pete Rose Gambling On Baseball?

I got to observe Pete Rose at close quarters one hot summer's day during his playing career outside a 5 star hotel where he was staying with the rest of the team for their game with The Kansas City Royals.

"So this is the big bad dude that every body's raving about" I thought to myself. He certainly had the swagger of a confident baseball star, but one little feller was about to have his dream shattered. Rose, had the doorman call him a cab. As the door was opened for him to enter, a young kid came running towards him scrap book in hand for an autograph. As the doorman stepped out of the way for a gracious star to make this kids day, Rose grunted and slammed the door in the little guys face. The poor little guy looked on in disbelief as his hero sped away, leaving him empty handed on the hotel driveway.

I have never quite forgotten that day, and in light of later revelations, wondered if perhaps he had been whisked away before the baseball game with The Royals to some underground bookie.

Regardless of his manners that day, and who knows maybe his bed wasn't turned down the way he liked it, this guy was really the bees knees that would put the fear of God in his opponents. No pussy footing about when it came down to business for our Pete. So how calamitous to hear as we moved through the decades that he would be deprived his rightful place in the Hall of Fame for betting on sports illegally? Was Pete Rose gambling on baseball also? Yep, afraid so, and punished hard. Might put a wry smile on that little kid's face, I doubt he's forgotten either.